/e/ ROM latest dev build downloads

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Release notes available here.

Android S
IMG-e-1.15-s-20230916331435-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]

Android R
IMG-e-1.15-r-20230915331434-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.14-r-20230817321316-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.13-r-20230727314472-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.12.3-r-20230619301238-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.11-r-20230512289175-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]

Android Q
IMG-e-1.10-q-20230416280390-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.9-q-20230312268823-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.8.1-q-20230207257879-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.7-q-20230112251029-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]
IMG-e-1.6-q-20221204240086-dev-GS290.zip [MD5 | SHA256]

Installation and build instructions can be found at our /e/ Documentation
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